First battery-powered hotel in UK is in Scotland

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In Insider yesterday:

An Edinburgh hotel has become the first in the UK to be battery-powered. The Gyle Premier Inn at Edinburgh Park has installed a five-tonne battery which will charge from the national grid during off-peak periods and power the 200-room site for several hours each day. The 3m3 lithium ion battery is expected to save the hotel £20,000 a year on its energy bill, and is able to power the whole venue, including the restaurant, for up to three hours at a time after a two-hour charge.’

The massive storage battery and the supporting system will enable the hotel to buy electricity when prices are low and to store that for use at peak times.

This looks like the early stages of the necessary adaption by electricity consumers, required to enable Scotland to make good use of its periods of over-production, due to excess wind power-based generation.

Premier Inns can be seen as typical ‘early adopters’ of the kind witnessed in all previous major technological changes.

The signs are already there that over-production will become increasingly common:

Scotland’s wind energy smashes through 100% threshold but fails to bother BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland have only murder on their minds as Scotland’s wind turbines produce enough power on one day to power three times more homes than we have!



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