Scottish private sector’s pace of expansion ‘robust and above the survey average’

(Above graphic not directly relevant but liked by this editor)

As most of you know, the social reality many (Yoons especially) think they experience is, in large part, due to the Nomedia messages they consume. That’s why increased Nomedia reporting and dramatic productions of violent crime have caused many to fear it more than the actual fall in violent crime should suggest to them.

I know many regular readers here are, of course, illuminati, able to see through these messages to another reality, closer to the material reality of life under global capitalism. Don’t tell me that’s just another reality. Post modernism is past it. We’ll have no relativism here. Well maybe some then but only in the sphere of ‘culture’.

So, BBC Scotland news and even my old business chums at Insider have looked at the RBS PMI index and have gone for:

‘Scottish private sector’s pace of growth at five-month low’

It’s not entirely inaccurate of course in the sense that it is in the report but it’s, typically, inadequate to represent the whole report so here’s some of the other messages therein:

‘Malcolm Buchanan, chair, Scotland Board, Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “Scotland’s private sector economy continued to expand at a solid pace as the third quarter came to a close.”’

Several positive quotes had also been available for editorial (de)selection:

‘Scottish private sector employment rose in September. While the rate of job creation was modest it was quicker than August’s six-month low. Expectations of pressures from stronger demand motivated survey respondents to do more recruitment and workforce numbers rose at a comparatively quicker pace across the UK as a whole.’

Indeed, growth in the service sector has been well anchored in recent months and looks set to continue to support the overall Scottish business environment.’

Interestingly short-termist, was the end of this initially optimistic quote:

‘Although this signalled a weaker increase, the pace of expansion was robust and above the survey average. But, that said, the latest data ended a five-month sequence of accelerating growth rates.’

‘Ended’? They don’t mean that. Take it easy lads and lasses. There’s always another financial quarter unless I’m being a bit cavalier on the latest global warming threats.

I wonder, have we had any good news about business recently? Let me check my records:

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