Pressure on Herald editor to resign over misrepresentation of NHS successes as Health Secretary is nominated for award as most successful in UK

Shona Robison - SNP - Dundee City East

Today, the Herald headlined with

‘Pressure on Shona Robison to resign over NHS ‘failures’’

As far as I can see the only ‘failure’ by the Health Secretary, Shona Robison, relates to ‘failures’ at NHS Tayside. As for the pressure, it seems to be only coming from one or two ‘opposition’ MSPs. I see no sign of a petition by thousands of angry patients and relatives. I see no sign of protest outside her office nor of widespread protests outside the other health boards. Could it be that there isn’t really any pressure on the Health Secretary at all? Indeed, could it be, amazingly, that there would be more pressure for Robison to be awarded the new ‘Best Health Secretary/Minister in the UK’ prize?

I’ve nominated her based on the portfolio of some of the NHS Scotland success stories listed below:

Despite massive increases in demand, NHS Scotland maintains performance levels extremely close to the most rigorous of targets and patient satisfaction is at an all-time high. Audit Scotland say: ‘There were no significant weaknesses in the overall quality of care being provided.’

NHS Scotland A&E performance is more than 10% better than NHS England though BBC Salford mislead viewers by using wrong figure

NHS Scotland: 27% increase in kidney transplants including 10% increase from living donors as ‘UK’ level falls to eight-year low

Bed-blocking in NHS Scotland falls by nearly 10% in one year as the rate in NHS England surges to nearly 500% higher, per capita, than that in NHS Scotland!

National auditors find two very different NHS systems in the UK. Someone tell Theresa today.

NHS Scotland significantly outperforms NHS England on cancer waiting times despite demand soaring: Herald fails to report properly again

As already better-staffed NHS Scotland’s vacancies run at half the rate in England, ‘The extent of the [UK] Government’s failure to plan the NHS workforce is astonishing.’

‘NHS England cancelling operations at three times the rate in Scotland!’ or ‘With 10% of the population to care for, NHS Scotland cancels only 3.3% of NHS England operations cancelled in January’

NHS England ‘haemorrhaging’ nurses as 33 000 leave each year. NHS Scotland Nurse staffing increases.

‘NHS Compensation Claims in England four times higher than in Scotland!’ or Scotsman journalist fails professional test for lumping statistics and lack of context in report on NHS Scotland compensation

Putting the A&E figures in perspective: NHS England patients were more than twice as likely to wait over four hours throughout 2017.

NHS Scotland has massively increased staffing of consultants and acute medicine specialists under SNP administration. Try telling the Daily Excess.

New Scottish GP contract rated far superior, by BMA, to English equivalent as Scottish GP numbers hold steady and NHS England loses 1 000 in one year!

There was a word-limit, so I couldn’t list all the successes, during Shona Robison’s period in charge!

I gather Tory, Labour and DUP-led NHS systems in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have decided not to nominate so it looks like a walk-over.


18 thoughts on “Pressure on Herald editor to resign over misrepresentation of NHS successes as Health Secretary is nominated for award as most successful in UK

  1. gavin April 20, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Alas us poor Herald readers ( my wife still likes the crossword), stuck with the daily tripe that’s passed off as news.
    Alternatives? Not in the Scotland where the Scotsman struggles ever downwards. I have a subscription for the NY Times ( I took it out last year to keep a weather eye on Trump, having also lived through the Nixon era), and read what other press I can on-line.
    Nor can we rely on our BBC licence fee giving us independent, authentic news coverage and analysis. BBC Scotland is “jackanory” dreadful and Radio Scotland has gone from an ambitious Scottish outlet punching way above its weight, to the London/Brit Nat echo chamber of today.

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      • gavin April 20, 2018 / 2:16 pm

        You must have missed the part where I said “my wife”, John.
        Alas, I am not an autonomous being, but must adhere to the norms of life, to maintain that tranquillity we all seek!

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    • donald6 April 20, 2018 / 2:57 pm



  2. Scott April 20, 2018 / 3:38 pm

    Having had to use NHS Scotland many times and spent a few months in hospital I get very angry with these people who run it down sometimes things go wrong but what big organisation is perfect let these moaners go to other places where they have to pay for all health then let them complain.
    Hardly a week goes by without the P&J having a go at Raigmore.

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  3. Donald McGregor April 20, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    I snorted myself at that headline – I like your style of response!


  4. Ludo Thierry April 20, 2018 / 5:28 pm

    Hi John – can I be the first to congratulate Shona Robison MSP on her being awarded the ‘Talking Up Scotland – Best Health Secretary in the UK Award’ – It is very well merited. Shona Robison is a fantastic Minister and, in passing, is a very fine human being as well. Long may Shona and the SNP Scottish Govt keep hold of the reins at NHS Scotland as we fight to maintain a ‘National’ Health Service – available to all those who require it (all of us at some point) and free at the point of need. As the late Donald Stewart MP warned Scotland many years ago – The barbarians aren’t at the gates – they’ve entered the citadel. The britnat austerity barbarians have their eyes firmly fixed on privatisation of the NHS and we need all the Bonnie Fechters we can find to fight the good fight and protect OUR NHS – and Shona is doing a fantastic job of work day in and day out. More power to your elbow Shona.

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  5. Alasdair Macdonald. April 20, 2018 / 8:46 pm

    Clearly, the “Shona Robison must resign” article is from a LibDem press release, because at their conference today the risibly ridiculous Oor Wullie called for her to resign.

    The Unionist Triple Alliance is still in existence and the media are simply compliant platforms for their propaganda. Do they actually have any real journalists?

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  6. thomaspotter2014 April 23, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    Would this editor be Angela Heggarty?


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