NHS Scotland significantly outperforms NHS England on cancer waiting times despite demand soaring: Herald fails to report properly again


From the Information Services Division:

‘In 2015, 31,467 people were diagnosed with cancer in Scotland. The number of people diagnosed has increased over the last ten years from 27,494.’


Those are the most recent data, published in 2018, and represent a 14.45% increase in only ten years.

Despite this massive increase in demand, NHS Scotland were able to begin treatment of 87.1% of patients within the 62-day standard. In NHS England, only 82.07% began treatment within 62 days.



Needless to say, the Herald report concentrated on scare rather than facts. The headline was:

‘Analysis: Long-term solution needed to avoid more years of delayed treatment’

The report then continued with

‘In the last five consecutive years, cancer waiting times targets have not been hit once across Scotland.  To ensure we do not see a repeat of this worrying statistic long-term action is needed.’


Maybe I’m being a bit pedantic but, accepting that the writer means, underlined above, what his syntax means, then he is wrong – the 62-day standard was met by four NHS Boards: NHS Borders, NHS Dumfries & Galloway, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Orkney.



2 thoughts on “NHS Scotland significantly outperforms NHS England on cancer waiting times despite demand soaring: Herald fails to report properly again

  1. gavin March 28, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Whose stats will BBC Scotland go with?
    The truth or…..The Herald? Perhaps the Hootsman?
    Will Miles Briggs be “interviewed”? To give a scripted answer to a non-question?
    Freedom of the press. It wid gie ye the boak, sometimes. Freedom to promulgate porkie pies!.

    Liked by 1 person

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