I hope you’re not getting fed-up hearing about Scottish renewable energy records but here’s another


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Two test turbines at the MeyGen scheme in the Pentland Firth have generated 700MWh of monthly production. That’s a world record for marine turbines. The electricity generated enough power for 2 000 homes but as you can see below, the finished project is expected to generate enough for 700 000 homes.

Looking at the diagram above, it suggests there will be 400 turbines so if 2 can now do 2 000 homes, then 400 will do 800 000 homes?

Here is just a sample of some of the earlier records set by Scotland’s renewables industry and reported here:

As world’s largest tidal energy plant in Pentland Firth generates 1GWh which is enough for 700 000 homes, will Scotland become the most energy-rich country in Europe?

Orkney’s giant tidal turbine is the world’s most powerful

‘The Biggest in the World!’ 270 tidal energy turbines to be installed to provide sustainable power to Scotland

‘Scotland Sets [Another] New Wind Power Record’

‘Wind farms powered 4 million Scottish homes last month’ and there are only 2.4 million ‘households’ in Scotland

Scottish renewable energy records just keep coming, even in June!

All of Scotland could have been renewables-powered in May

Reporting in Insider magazine, Dr Sam Gardner, of WWF Scotland said:

‘This is a sign that Scotland is really making progress in harnessing the power of our seas and that we’re on our way to securing a low carbon future. By supporting projects like this one, which provide clean, predictable, homegrown power, the Scottish Government can help fight climate change, strengthen our energy security and drive further job creation in sustainable industries.’

I suspect that ‘can’ should be ‘does’.



4 thoughts on “I hope you’re not getting fed-up hearing about Scottish renewable energy records but here’s another

  1. Bugger (the Panda) September 1, 2017 / 8:02 am

    We will need that interconnector to Norway to help balance out our generation spikes and lows with their hydro electric elasticity.

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  2. Stephen leonard September 2, 2017 / 4:18 pm

    I would like this and other projects to be a national company …..think how Statoil does it. Sadly at the moment ,the seabed is owned by the queens estate ,meaning …at best we can remt the seafloor . But i like this plan a lot .
    P.s tidal power is the most predictable green generation there could be . We know ,when the tides turn ,high tide ,low tide etc (as well as when tidal is at its least powerful . As a base load ,it is superior ….the problem arises when peak tidal ,doesn’t match up with peak demand etc. Charge storage is currently being looked at ,with a battery facilty ,currently having Scotgov funding …either in Bathgate /Broxburn i think .


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