Orkney’s giant tidal turbine is the world’s most powerful

(c) Scotrenewables

This is from Energy Voice on the 14 April 2017 and adds yet another good news story about Scotland’s very optimistic energy future post-independence. The above device has hit peak power and can heat around 1 000 homes from one device only 10ft wide and 200ft long. It also employs 25 people locally and in Edinburgh. It was partly funded by the Scottish Government’s Renewable Energy Investment Fund.

The company, Scotrenewables, which is Orkney-based, operating the Belfast-built device, claim it is ‘resetting the bar’ on costs. By this they mean lowering the bar in completing the work quickly and at low cost. Here’s a reminder of the advantages of tidal power from TheNextGalaxy:

  1. A Very Predictable Energy Source: Ever since the beginning of time itself, the oceans have had tides. Massive amounts of water move in extremely predictable patterns. This makes it very easy to harness the energy that these tides can generate, because we can predict their movements as far as years ahead.
  2. An Inexhaustible Source of Energy: There will be no shortage of tides anytime soon. They are controlled by the gravitational pull between the earth, sun, and moon. This means that as long as the earth is being orbited by the moon, the tides will continue to be there producing energy.
  3. Very Low Costs To Operate: Once the initial constructions costs are done, there are very few additional costs to keep the tidal energy plant up and running. Little maintenance is required, and minimal personnel as well.
  4. Effective Even at Low Speeds: Since water is much denser than air, the amount of movement needed to generate power is very low. It has been proven that tidal energy can still be harnessed even if the water is only moving at 3 feet per second.
  5. Can Last Forever: Okay, maybe not literally forever, but a very long time! Tidal energy plants are very simple, and made of durable and simple materials that can withstand the time very well.
  6. Completely Green: There are no carbon emissions from tidal energy plants, making it an energy source that does not negatively affect the global environment.

Also, see this for the other numerous reasons to be cheerful about Scottish energy:

Energy, energy, energy: Scotland’s renewables projects, oil and gas discoveries just keep on coming




4 thoughts on “Orkney’s giant tidal turbine is the world’s most powerful

  1. Clydebuilt April 19, 2017 / 10:11 am

    Wish it had been built in Scotland, Pelamis was built here, wonder why this one wasn’t?


  2. macgilleleabhar April 19, 2017 / 11:40 am

    Renewable energy is not the favourite energy of our capitalists as there is no endless gravy train for them as there is with nuclear fuel supply and waste storage.
    At end of life a machine like this can be removed and recycled.


  3. johnrobertson834 April 19, 2017 / 2:40 pm

    Yes, I only push the oil and gas stuff because we can’t let the unionists use any preceived weakness in our economy at the moment. Tidal looks like the best of them all.


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