More Scottish gas comes online as Brexit threatens UK supplies


In May 2016, the BBC website reported:

‘A huge new gas plant that is bringing reserves west of Shetland to the mainland has been officially opened. The Shetland Gas Plant is said by operator Total to be capable of supplying energy to two million homes. It began processing gas from the vast Laggan and Tormore fields, north west of Shetland, in February.’

Now Total has started producing gas from its other fields west of Shetland, Edradour and Glenlivet, a year ahead of schedule and under-budget. It’s not clear from the reports whether this will lead to an increase on the two million homes forecast or whether it is just part of it. I reported in April 2017 that Scottish gas production was growing just as UK imports of gas were rising so this looks like further evidence that Scotland’s gas and other energy sources will play a big part in keeping rUK warm. Further, the UK is heavily reliant on Europe for imports of gas so a hard Brexit could put these at risk and make the Scottish supplies even more vital.

Scottish Gas output rises as production begins on a new field that could fuel, by itself, all of post-independence Scotland


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