Scottish renewable energy records just keep coming, even in June!


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Strong winds in June resulted in a 24% increase in onshore wind farm output over last year. It’s only the most recent of many records in the renewables sector. These are only from as far back as May:

New Scottish records in the generation of renewable energy just keep on coming

Another renewable energy production record for Scotland

‘Scotland Sets [Another] New Wind Power Record’

You’ll find numerous other reports if you just search for ‘record’ on this site. All of this, further increases confidence in the prediction of 100% renewable supply by 2030.

Scotland’s energy 100% renewable by 2030?

A blustery June meant that wind generated more than 1 million MW which would have been enough for 3 million homes or 124% of the energy needs of more house than we have! Remember we also have offshore windfarms and tidal turbines.

On the 6th of June, alone, enough wind power was generated to power 5.68 million homes, if we had them.

Over the whole six months of the year, wind turbines generated more than 6.5 million MW, enough to power 3 million homes.

The only barrier remains storage but developments are underway on this too. See:

Surf ‘n’ Turf: Innovative new tidal power generation for Orkney

Suddenly there’s a brilliant alternative to oil rig decommissioning costs. You can store Scotland’s surplus renewable electricity with it and it’s low-tech.



5 thoughts on “Scottish renewable energy records just keep coming, even in June!

  1. Ludo Thierry July 24, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    Hi Prof – This is staggeringly impressive news regarding the huge input from Scotland’s sustainable wind generation during June (and during the initial 6 months of the year to date). As you rightly point out this doesn’t even include the burgeoning tidal and off-shore production either. I believe the first of the very deep-water ‘floating’ off-shore wind-generator vessels (barges?) was being towed into position today too (with others due to follow shortly).

    The information you have provided recently re. the trialling of aplying the ‘excess’ power generated to produce Hydrogen which can be stored and used later to even out generation when needed is one of the most exciting developments I have come accross in ages. (Memories of school lab expeiments of re-combining Oxygen and Hydrogen in controlled conditions to produce energy and plain water (as a by product).

    I really take my hat off to the brilliant scientists and engineers who are bringing this new ‘post -industrial’ revolution into being. (With – it must be said – strong and active support from the Scottish Government and SNP and Green elected representatives at all levels).

    Also note the real input into research and application that the EU actively makes. That’ll be that same EU that the British Tory/Labour duopoly is intent on pulling Scotland out from – despite our 62% vote to remain.

    Gee Whizz – The next Indyref will be a very different animal from the last one I reckon.

    Thanks again Prof for this most stimulating website – Cheers, ludo


  2. Ludo Thierry July 24, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    Apols Prof for a 2nd bite of the cherry here – but I just had a chance for a quick scan at the BBC website and – can you believe it! – they actually carried the story of the first of the ‘floating’ Hywind windmills being positioned 25 miles off Peterhead (in water 1 km deep). I believe the floating windmills are being described as ‘tethered floats’ and the next 4 should be positioned during July.

    I couldn’t help notice that the 2 principal companies involved in this partnership operation are Statoil from Norway and (?) Madpar (I think) from Abu Dhabi.

    Amazing how the tech companies from these 2 independent states (with relatively small populations) are able to develop this absolute cutting edge technology without having the ‘broad shoulders’ of the UK to rely on, isn’t it?!


    • broadbield July 24, 2017 / 7:27 pm

      Re Hydrogen in your first comment, I see the UK Govt has announced something about batteries, but some have pointed out that, for e.g. the Japanese are already well ahead. To my mind batteries are not a green solution. Developing a hydrogen economy would be much greener.


  3. johnrobertson834 July 24, 2017 / 7:27 pm

    Thanks Ludo. Yes the BBC website clearly thinks it has a different audience from Reporting Scotland and it does – more informed less dupable?


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