Good News: Scottish minister knows more about fertility than Jeremy Kyle


SNP’s Mark McDonald appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show to discuss the new baby boxes. Kyle seemed puzzled as to why there were condoms in the collection of fitted cotton sheets, a romper suit, a mattress and around 40 other baby essentials

Kyle ostentatiously waved one of the condoms with his usual supercilious grin on his face as if he had exposed something stupid in the SNP’s thinking. Here’s what McDonald wittily said:

‘Well, I’d have thought you’d done enough episodes of the Jeremy Kyle show by now Jeremy to understand how this process works. There is an issue about getting an understanding for parents about the fact that a woman is exceptionally fertile postpartum and ensuring that parents are taking the necessary precautions, and indeed the Finnish box contains condoms as well. We want to encourage and ensure that parents do not experience unexpected second pregnancy.’

Given Kyle’s predilection for snide comments about the Scots and the Welsh, it was good to see him suitably embarrassed.



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