£200 000 Scottish Government aid for games industry to maintain growth in multi-million earning industry


The computer games sector currently employs 1 1000 people in Scotland and earns £93 million, up from £67.6 million in 2013 and quite a leap from the £38.1 million earned in 2010. There are now a 100 computer games firms in Scotland when there were only 15 as recently as 2010, a 600% increase. Of these, 95 are registered in Scotland. The SNP also funded 40 post-graduate games places on a course at Abertay University and lobbied for tax relief for the sector.


Now £200 000 has been awarded via Scottish Enterprise to simulation games developer and publishing company, Dovetail Games, taking their workforce from 30 to 50.


Hopefully one of these new software products can turn into a massive earner like Grand Theft Auto. According to Develop, Grand Theft Auto V, produced in Scotland is the ‘fastest selling entertainment product of all time.’ Within three days of its release it had passed the figure of $1 billion dollars in sales. That’s just three days and one product. I can’t find out just how much of that goes toward Scottish GDP.



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