As Scotland’s subsea energy generation takes off, the SNP Government continues to invest


Apologies for my wonky metaphor there but I couldn’t think of one for a subsea technology. A centre of excellence is to be based in Aberdeen with £2.5 million from the Scottish Government. The new centre to be run by Balmoral Offshore Engineering will offer facilities for sub-sea pressure testing of new devices such as, presumably, tidal wave turbines of the kind reported already here at:

‘The Biggest in the World!’ 270 tidal energy turbines to be installed to provide sustainable power to Scotland

Orkney’s giant tidal turbine is the world’s most powerful

You’ll see from these previous headlines that Scotland is already well-underway. The First Minister goes further:

‘Scotland is a world leader in subsea engineering, already accounting for around 15 per cent of the £50 billion global subsea market and as our Subsea Engineering Action plan has outlined, we want to build on this, supporting companies to grow and ensure we have the class-leading test and research infrastructure needed to meet future needs of a sector that already employs 38,000 in Scotland.’

The new facility will double the capacity of Scotland’s testing facilities for ‘open access pressure testing.’


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