A Scot with a wee bit of Irish in you? Yet another Tory-boy strikes again to help us win Indyref2


Here’s one to help any of Scotland’s hundreds of thousands of Scots with Irish ancestry (Nearly all of us if you go back far enough?), Irish relatives or friends make up their minds about Indyref2. Maybe none of these but you have might have a wee bit of respect for them as you do for many English people – The Cure, The Smiths……Corbyn…..? Well here’s what another Tory-boy had to say about them last night just because Ireland’s judges didn’t vote for Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest. I quite liked the British song and we don’t even know how many Irish citizens did vote for it.


Anyhow, Nick Harrington, from Warwick District Council, tweeted then too late deleted this above.


I’ve already twice posted how they’re going open their fat mouths so many times between now and Indyref2. See:


‘Fuck off back to Scotland!’ I told you, we can rely on the sort of people the Tories are to help us win Indyref2


Good News for Indyref2: More Tories mean more offensive comments


And, we’ve got months and months to go. They haven’t ‘done’ the Welsh or the Poles for a while have they?


4 thoughts on “A Scot with a wee bit of Irish in you? Yet another Tory-boy strikes again to help us win Indyref2

  1. Finnmacollie May 15, 2017 / 8:50 am

    They are all crawling out from under their stones now.

    Is it just coincidence that there seems to be a mass deletion event on Tory twitter accounts.

    Meanwhile their great (branch office) leader – you know, the one that “won” the Holyrood and local government elections, has tweeted that “simply seeking peace” in N. Ireland is offensive ???

    Re you previous post – should there not have been a teacher present when that Tory boy was speaking to pupils? If so, why was it left to the girl’s father to make the complaint?

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  2. johnrobertson834 May 15, 2017 / 10:01 am

    There should have been a teacher present. Was presumably going to try to pretend it hadn’t happened. Offensive to those who wore the uniform especially i gather. She was a TA signaller. Hitler was in signals too.


  3. Clydebuilt May 15, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    Yon Blue Tories are proving what I’ve always thought, stupidity and arrogance go hand in hand. Awful people.


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