‘Good news all round’ for Scottish Manufacturing

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News reporting is a matter of choices and emphasis and those can affect how people feel about important issues such as Scottish independence. The latest RBS report finds some explicitly very good news and some just quite good news then sums it all up as a ‘tentative upturn’ but the effect of this is to mask something of significance. It is important and good news that things are going very well indeed in manufacturing regardless of what is less impressive in other sectors unless of course you don’t want people thinking optimistically about independence. The article in the Insider is headlined:

‘Scottish businesses see ‘slight upturn’ in activity’

Then within the article amongst lots of ‘ah buts’ we read:

‘Job creation in April was at its strongest in eight months’

‘The latest survey’s results were driven by a strong manufacturing sector, which moved up a gear in April .’

‘There was good news all round, from steep production growth to solid job creation and a further easing of cost pressures.

This is a piece of bloody good news and it needs to be shared as such, regardless of the RBS author’s conscious or semi-conscious political conservatism.


2 thoughts on “‘Good news all round’ for Scottish Manufacturing

  1. Alan Gordon May 15, 2017 / 5:35 pm

    Thank you John. I shall store this link and share.


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