Oh no, rumours of Indyref2 are bad for business just like Indyref1 was…NOT

According to the Times on 14th July:

Uncertainty over the possibility of a second independence referendum has “wreaked dramatic change” and is posing challenges to the Scottish economy, said Professor Colin Anthony Jones of Heriot-Watt University’s Urban Institute. He claims a narrow defeat for the “yes” campaign in 2014 led to British financial institutions cutting spending north of the border.

I understand the National will reveal that the research has been rejected by a journal, but we can also reveal that Prof Jones whose latest book is ‘Externalities and planning failure in the housing market of an African city’ seems to have missed these 14 sets of data which mysteriously contradict his thesis:

Another umpteenth post on underlying strength in Scottish Economy: Edinburgh’s office investment up nearly 30%

November 1, 2018

‘Edinburgh office market movement up nearly 30% in a year. Office market movement in Edinburgh in the third quarter of 2018 remained at the same level as the second quarter – but up 28% on the same…

Umpteenth post on underlying strength in Scottish economy: Property investment up 19.8%!

October 11, 2018

‘Scottish property investment in the third quarter of 2018 reached £318.4 million, according to research from CBRE Scotland. The property firm said the total figure was achieved across 35 transactions with offices accounting for 29…

8% of the population but 13% of the hotel investment

August 10, 2018

As business and tourism boom in Scotland, we read in Insider today: ‘Investment into Scottish hotels doubled in the first half of the year to almost £400m, according to new figures. UK buyers were the…

See this Douglas? Business investment in Scotland up 250%!

July 30, 2018

From one of Douglas Fraser’s favourites, the Scottish Business News Network, today: ‘Scottish companies raised £21million in the second quarter of 2018…

89% of Scottish firms increase or maintain investment

July 19, 2018

A survey produced by the Scottish Chambers network and the Fraser of Allander Institute, suggests further evidence of confidence in the Scottish economy. The key points were: Only 15% of firms across the sample reported declining optimism, suggesting resilient business…

Scotland second after only London in attracting foreign investment

July 9, 2018

‘Scotland has been named the second most attractive location in the UK for foreign direct investment (FDI) after London, for the fifth consecutive year. This second-place ranking is shared,…

8% of the population yet 9.6% of the UK’s foreign direct investment – another confidence boost

June 11, 2018

‘Foreign Direct Investment in Scotland at ‘unprecedented’ levels Figures from accountancy group EY show the country is maintaining its attractiveness among foreign investors, even though other European countries are narrowing the gap with the UK. Scotland attracted…

Investment rises as Scottish firms report confidence in growth for 2018

April 19, 2018

Based on a survey by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce and the Fraser of Allander ‘Institute’, reported in Insider today, it seems companies are reporting increasing levels of investment in both training and capital projects. Even, Professor Graeme Roy director…

‘£60m of hydro investments planned for Scotland’

April 4, 2018

‘GFG Alliance says it wants to build six new hydro power projects in the Highlands by 2021 and metals giant GFG Alliance plans to invest an extra…

One more indicator of economic well-being as Investment in Glasgow office property surges four-fold and Scotland ‘very much on the wish list’

February 28, 2018

Based on the annual regional cities office market review produced by Knight Frank , Glasgow saw a four-fold increase in the total value of investment last year with almost half due to overseas investment. From Knight Frank and…

Best UK city for inward investment is Edinburgh

February 20, 2018

‘Edinburgh’s strong economic performance and high proportion of skilled and educated workers have made it the UK’s most attractive city for inward investment, according to a new report. The study by design and…

Scottish oil price rises are unstoppable as hedge funds pile in to invest and put ‘the oil crash behind us.’ Also, Sterling’s surge is being fuelled by oil, not a Brexit bounce .

January 29, 2018

This is the latest report of many this year, in Energy Voice, pointing to dramatic rises in oil prices in the next year or so with several now suggesting a return to greater than £100 dollar per barrel. See this…

More real economic data: 37% surge in investment in Scottish commercial property, greater diversity and higher profitability than in the UK

January 25, 2018

‘Investment into Scottish commercial property surged in 2017 as money spread throughout the country and across the office, industrial, retail and leisure sectors. According to figures compiled by Savills, investment reached £2.3bn, 37…

Forget, GERs and GDP, Scottish hotel investment soars by 60% in one year!

January 19, 2018

Reported in Insider yesterday, a survey by Savills revealed a massive £195 million investment in 2017. All of Scotland’s cities recorded increases with Edinburgh accounting for 64% of the total. This makes Edinburgh the second largest ‘target city’…



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