‘£60m of hydro investments planned for Scotland’


From Insider today:

‘GFG Alliance says it wants to build six new hydro power projects in the Highlands by 2021. Bottom of Form  Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Energy and metals giant GFG Alliance plans to invest an extra £60m in hydro schemes in Scotland. The group wants to build six hydro power projects in the Highlands by 2021 and create extra capacity at six existing developments by the same date. Some of the schemes will be on the group’s estate in Lochaber where it plans to build a 400-worker alloy wheels factory next to its aluminium smelter.’


This good news comes only one month after I wrote, and several readers added useful contributions, on the same topic, at:

Why Scotland’s huge renewable energy production may need no huge energy storage breakthrough to flourish

See the table above for the current Hydro share of our renewables industries. GFG anticipate this could be doubled.


2 thoughts on “‘£60m of hydro investments planned for Scotland’

  1. gavin April 4, 2018 / 5:55 pm

    Lots of room for more solar. Yes solar, you don’t need to be in the Sahara to generate power.
    Scotland also has lots of empty, south-facing hills, ideal for solar, with room between the panels for cattle, sheep.
    If the anonymous tax haven owners don’t want to utilise land, then we should take it away from them.


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