Johnson’s Great Scottish Oilfield Cover-up of 2019?

Something for our media try to hide before Indyref2? A TRILLION cubic feet of gas expected west of Shetland?

Readers will remember how the massive Clair Ridge discovery was hidden from the public in the months before Indyref1. See this for more:

Cameron’s Great Scottish Oilfield Cover-up of 2014

Now Total has begun drilling another massive field west of Shetland. It’s been reported in Energy Voice but, so far, it’s not being covered by MSM:  

In Energy Voice yesterday:

Energy company Total has announced a major gas discovery off Shetland. Initial tests at a site on the Glendronach prospect indicated there could be about one trillion cubic feet of gas which could be extracted. Total’s Arnaud Breuillac said the discovery could be commercialised by using the current Laggan-Tormore infrastructure. Total has a 60% stake in the site. Energy company SSE and chemicals firm Ineos each have a 20% interest. Mr Breuillac, Total’s president of exploration and production, said: “Glendronach is a significant discovery for Total which gives us access to additional gas resources in one of our core areas and validates our exploration strategy. “Located on an emerging play of the prolific west of Shetland area, the discovery can be commercialised quickly and at low cost.” The Greater Laggan area is about 125km (78 miles) north west of Shetland. Picture: Total/Universal News And Sport (Scotland) 24/09/2018

One thought on “Johnson’s Great Scottish Oilfield Cover-up of 2019?

  1. Davy July 21, 2019 / 6:50 pm

    Ah, the media making it easy for Westminster to rob our Scottish resources.

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