SNP further confirms place as only effective left-of-centre party in Scotland with progressive taxation success leaving rUK behind

From yesterday:

Statistics show tax choices are delivering a more progressive tax system.The combined number of higher and additional rate taxpayers in Scotland is growing at a faster rate than the rest of the UK, according to new figures.Official statistics published by HMRC show that income tax revenues grew by 1.8%, to £10.9 billion in 2017-18, with growth driven primarily by an increase in contributions from higher and additional rate taxpayers – those earning above £43,000 in Scotland in 2017-18. The figures also show that:

  • Growth in tax paid by Additional Rate taxpayers was faster in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK – 8.5% compared to 8%
  • The provisional estimate for Scottish income tax revenue in 2018-19 is £11.7 billion – a 7% increase on 2017-18
  • PAYE receipts have grown faster in Scotland in 2018-19 at 5.9% compared to the rest of the UK at 5.1%
  • After revisions to income tax revenues and the associated Block Grant Adjustment, there will be a final reconciliation figure of £204 million – a reduction on the amount projected in the Medium-Term Financial Strategy


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