‘Scotland is one of the world leaders in marine energy generation.’


From Digit with ‘world’s largest’ four times:


The turbine is 25 metres high from the seabed, has rotors 20 metres in diameter and weighs 150 tonnes. Data published by Ocean Energy Europe in April highlighted that Scotland is one of the world leaders in marine energy generation.

The tidal turbine will be part of ‘Project Stroma’, the largest wave power project in the world. The AR2000 is set to be installed at the MeyGen test project, an offshore site between Scotland’s northernmost coast and the island of Stroma, which is also the largest tidal stream project on the planet.

Established in 2010, Project Stroma has demonstrated how innovative tidal technologies can significantly reduce future generation costs. Connecting the turbines to the National Grid is the next phase of the project.

The project is a collaboration of Atlantis Energy and General Electric. Atlantis Energy director of turbine and engineering services Drew Blaxland told New Civil Engineer: “The AR2000 is expected to be the world’s largest single-axis tidal turbine and it will be deployed on the world’s largest tidal power project.


Scotland to House Largest Tidal Turbine on the Planet

Earlier reports on wave power:

SNP Government invest £2.84 million in wave power

© Aquamarine Power I’ve already written about wave power and its great advantages in the massive growth of renewable energy production much of it stimulated by Scottish Government funding. I’ve explained the advantages of wave powered turbines here: Orkney’s giant…

Scottish scientists in major energy breakthrough!

In the Insider yesterday: ‘A cut-price wave energy device that could help power homes and businesses is being developed by experts at a Scottish university. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh have been working with institutions in Italy to come…


2 thoughts on “‘Scotland is one of the world leaders in marine energy generation.’

  1. Alasdair Macdonald May 27, 2019 / 7:32 pm

    But, despite all this, if Scotland remains in what GMS this morning called ‘The UK Union’, there would be the massive connection charges to the National Grid, because prices increase the greater the distance from London and the South East.

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  2. Alana June 15, 2019 / 11:04 pm

    Pelamis, £4.5 million in addition to the other £7.5 million off the taxpayer, 6 moths after acquiring the further £4.5 million they went into administration, liquidation.
    HIE and the Scottish (SNP) government set up a Scottish (SNP) government department, mostly inhabitated from the ex Pelamis company, since then WES has acquired each year a further £10/11 million a year out of the taxpayers purse, nearly all spent on administration and wages/pensions.
    This info is available from companies house.

    The SE of the UK has energy connection snow to Europe/France and can buy cheaper electricity from there than Scotland, especially a Independent Scotland.

    The Scottish (SNP)Government has secretly ‘loaned’ more money to Gupta in his purchase of the Lochaber Smelter and the adjoining estate.in fact nearly double the money that the SNP told the public!!
    What has Gupta done with it?
    Invested it to make a profit out taxpayers money, this was released by Reuters and not the SNP.


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