SNP Government invest £2.84 million in wave power

© Aquamarine Power

I’ve already written about wave power and its great advantages in the massive growth of renewable energy production much of it stimulated by Scottish Government funding. I’ve explained the advantages of wave powered turbines here:

Orkney’s giant tidal turbine is the world’s most powerful

Yesterday, it was announced that two firms based in Inverness and one based in Edinburgh are to share with another in Kent, in £2.84 million to develop even more efficient turbines than the above-mentioned Orkney machine.

Scottish Government-funded development body Wave Energy Scotland (WES) announced

‘Our competitive technology development process aims to bring forward projects that will promote greater confidence in the technical performance of wave energy systems.’

Scottish Government investment in developing wave power now stands at over £24 million in the last two years and includes 56 different projects around Scotland’s massive and wild coastline which is ideally suited to wave power. The tsunami of good news about Scotland’s energy future is huge and seems never-ending.


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