Are Scotsman’s falling sales affecting the weather too?


These three images and live links to reports, still ‘up’, captured together on Sunday 26th May, tell a confusing, but the only, story to any reader planning a barbeque or trip to the beach.

I got a wee thrill about the first before reading that it was for Wednesday 15th May, 11 days before.

Maybe the second would be more useful? Nope, on 12th May, two weeks ago (!) Craig Snell (!) of the Met Office was promising a fine week ahead. Snell is, of course Scots for ‘piercingly cold’ so Craig is better named than Michael Fish was.

Surely Craig was responsible for the third report posted more than three weeks earlier but still up there, on the 2nd May. ‘Arctic blasts’ must be his thing but no it was Graeme Madge, pop music correspondent (?) standing in.

I recommend the Met Office website because I’m not anti-English, see?


One thought on “Are Scotsman’s falling sales affecting the weather too?

  1. Bugger (the Panda) May 27, 2019 / 6:25 am

    The Scotsman will print any old shite to fill an edition and cover the very faint watermark

    Please dispose after use carefilly

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