Scotland’s massive visitor increase as they turn away from other parts


From today:

  • The number of European visitors to Scotland increased by 19% in 2018, according to official statistics released today.
  • Overall there was a 10% increase in visits from overseas tourists and a 1.2% increase in domestic (Great Britain) overnight visits to Scotland.
  • These increases compare to a 3% decrease in overseas tourism visits and a 6% decrease in overseas expenditure for the UK as a whole.

Earlier reports revealing same trend and explaining it:

Massive increase in overseas tourists coming to Scotland as numbers fall across the UK as a whole

From the Scottish Business News Network yesterday ‘The number of overseas tourists visiting Scotland rose by almost a quarter in the 12 months to the end of March 2018, compared to the same period in 2016/17. Figures released by the…

Spending by tourists in Scotland soars by infinitely more than in non-Scottish parts of UK!

More measurable than spend, the number of tourists visiting Scotland in 2017, increased by 17% while for the UK, as a whole, it only increased by 1%. However, according to Office for National Statistics (OSN) data released…

414% increase in Chinese tourist spending since 2007!

I know percentages greater than 100%, based on extended time periods, to get an eye-catching headline, just what I accuse others of doing. However, I’m doing it in a cool, self-aware, hipster, ironic way. From the site…

Seven major Scottish tourist attractions now attracting more than a million visitors a year each!

Yesterday’s piece in Insider reported visitor numbers at Edinburgh Castle and the National Museum of Scotland exceeding 2 million in 2017 while the Scottish National Gallery, Loch Lomond Shores, Glasgow’s Riverside Museum, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and St. Giles’…

Will there be too many tourists in Orkney and Shetland now as minister confirms big cut in ferry fares?

We’ve already seen the chaos the SNP has caused [sarcasm alert] by promoting tourism in the Western Isles. There have been huge cuts for vehicle passengers, like Oban to Mull, from £56.65 to £16.45 and Mallaig to Skye,…

Tourists from North America flooding to Scotland in ever increasing numbers

I’ve already written several pieces describing the boom in North American tourism and some of the likely reasons behind it in: North Americans lead surge in Scottish tourism because they feel safer here ‘Outlander links see visitors to…



2 thoughts on “Scotland’s massive visitor increase as they turn away from other parts

  1. Alasdair Macdonald May 25, 2019 / 9:04 am

    This morning (Saturday, 25, May), I listened as I usually do to the excellent ‘Out of Doors’ on BBC Scotland. For years, this programme has traipsed around a’ the airts and pairts o’ Scotland, meeting people and enabling these individuals to talk about the successful projects thay have run and to laud the beauties of Caledonia. The presenters are jaunty, personable, but well-informed. It is a programme run on a shoestring. At the end of each one, I feel uplifted.

    And, then … Good Morning Scotland starts: “Today we will tell you how pure shite Scotland and this EssEnnPee Government are and why we need to have RUTH DAVIDSON as FM, Queen, Empress ….”

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