UPDATE: SNP support climbing toward more than 50% as Scottish Tories fall below Labour!

Pollster Month From To Sample SNP Con Lab
YouGov M 24 25 181 45 17 18
Opinium M 28 29 114 45 25 26
YouGov A 2 3 152 48 20 18
YouGov A 10 11 158 48 22 16
Opinium A 9 12 115 51 16 19
Total 720
Averages 47.4 20 19.4

Today’s Opinium results added and a more recent trend considered. I know it’s subjective. Everything is. April averages are 49, 19.3 and 17.6.

These figures suggest a recent and consistently climbing trend diverging from a long period with support static at around 41%. Sub-polls are of course unreliable due to their very small size but these 5 collectively have sampled more than 700 Scots. The recent collapse of the Tories, even in Scotland and before Ruth returns, is fascinating. Who will defend the Union now?

Also, with the Greens at 5%, this sub-poll puts support for pro-Independence parties at 56% as might the unreleased Kantar sub-poll have done.

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: SNP support climbing toward more than 50% as Scottish Tories fall below Labour!

  1. gavin April 14, 2019 / 10:22 am

    Now is the time to agitate for a new independence referendum, perhaps in September/October.

    Its not just that the SNP are still high in the polls (in spite of the endless “knocking press” they receive), but all the planets are now aligning in our favour.

    South of the border the Tories are now polling at about 28/9%, with May (Their ONLY electoral asset–don’t ask why) certain to be ousted as Leader and PM.

    In England, Labour is slightly higher in the polls at 34/36%, but Corbyn is at 19% and will face an even nastier press than usual.

    As these two parties fracture even more(Stephen Dorrell gone, Kenneth Clarke next), and a “dirty” Tory leadership contest now certain, Faragists and Kippers will be nipping their flabby arses.

    Who will lead the NObots in any new referendum? Ruthie, Wee Wullie, Leonard? Will they drag Lord Darling of Roulanish from his plush boardroom to tell us more porkies?

    How about *whaursmapeerage* Broonie—Jaikie Burd will interview him nightly, or more. Does he still command an audience for his constitutional pie-in-the-sky fantasy stuff?

    So go for it, Nicola. You will never get a better chance.

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