Glasgow Herald’s Willie Rennie ‘could’ be a complete blether on police call-handler ‘quitters’


In the Herald yesterday:

‘Hundreds of call handlers at Police Scotland could be forced to quit over cuts to pay and changes to working conditions, Willie Rennie has warned. The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader said salary reductions have damaged staff morale as he urged ministers to take action to address staff concerns.’

The National, showing its customary tolerance, also gave Rennie space to spread this panic.

While I empathise with the call handlers, we all do, there is perhaps a reason:

‘In addition to an immediate pay award, the agreement will also address issues of inequality and anomalies in relation to pay progression. It also contains a commitment to resolve working practices in relation to court and night shift and offers financial stability and certainty over the period.’

Were some staff who are exposed to physical risk on a daily basis being paid little more than the call-handlers? Will call-handlers quit and find higher pay doing a similar job or might some pursue better pay through training and transfer to other roles? I once lost 25% of my pay in a re-structuring but stayed, took the initiative, re-trained and recovered the situation five years later. Does Police Scotland find it difficult to recruit call-handlers or are there many older policemen for whom transfer to that role is part of a planned retirement programme?

Is there any evidence that call-handlers are heading for the exit, Willie?


One thought on “Glasgow Herald’s Willie Rennie ‘could’ be a complete blether on police call-handler ‘quitters’

  1. Bugger (the Panda) April 15, 2019 / 6:22 am

    To say Willie Rennie is a political lightweight would a great overestimation.

    He is there to do as he is told and be rewarded in failed politicians retirement home, which I call the Charnel House on Thames

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