Glasgow and Edinburgh in top three UK ‘Tech Cities’ and the rest….


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In Insider today

Following an inaugural CBRE study in 2017 and using the same methodology to compare 65 cities throughout the UK, the new report provides an update on the top 25 locations for companies in the tech sector. Manchester remains in first position with Glasgow second and Edinburgh retaining its third spot. Commentators suggest that the proximity between Edinburgh and Glasgow, rather than the competitive distance, is helping both cities, with many in the tech and creative industries happy to live in Glasgow and work in Edinburgh, or vice versa.

Factors contributing to the very strong rankings scored by both Glasgow and Edinburgh are highlighted in the report.  These include high concentrations of tech businesses and tech professionals, generational diversity and a strong creative arts legacy. The two cities are also advantaged by high levels of educational attainment and access to a number of world-class universities, with strong research and computer science degree rankings. 

Both cities have a large ratio of millennials (Edinburgh 28.5% and Glasgow 24.2% of the population) and a high proportion of the population qualified to NVQ 4 or above (Glasgow ranks third and Edinburgh fifth out of 65).

Previous good news on the Scotland’s cities:

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