It’s NOT a Hootsman poll so you CAN look at it to SNP PEAK literally


And it’s Dreghorn’s Favourite by two lengths as Nodding Richard falls and Rolling Ruthie’s lack of fitness shows!

This poll, in swing seats, for Politico, is mainly concerned with the two-nag battle between UK Labour and Conservatives on issues such as competence but allows the SNP in for some comparisons. I doubt Politico could be described as SNP-friendly, but I suspect they’re populated with the usual ‘centrist’, post-Blairites who despise Corbyn and Rees-Mogg almost equally and not that interested in them.

It hasn’t been getting much attention in Scotland due, I think, to the Scotsman scooping it and putting many readers off, so from TuS, one of the most trusted centres for citizen journalism in Ayrshire, here are some of the relevant graphics.

At first sight, because the questions are negative, the SNP peaking can look like slumping, to the lazy reader (yes you, wake up!) so, for impact, I turned one of them upside down for my header. Clever?


So, roughly speaking and with a wee bit of presumption, in Scotland, just over 20% of people think the Tories ARE in touch and only about 30% think Labour are BUT 60% think the SNP are in touch. That’s a massive lead.

And, 70% think the Tories ARE only for the rich, more than 20% think Labour are only for the rich (20%! Anas, Kate!) while only 10% think the SNP are.


On competence, the SNP streak ahead at over 60% with Labour considered competent by less than 40% and the Tories under Carlaw at a miserable 30%. Labour will be pleased by that win over the Tories.

On support for average wage-earners, Labour close the gap on the SNP and the Tories do better than expected.

For likely swing seats surveyed, see:



2 thoughts on “It’s NOT a Hootsman poll so you CAN look at it to SNP PEAK literally

  1. Ken Clark April 9, 2019 / 9:50 am

    Thanks for this, John.

    What I find encouraging is the SNP’s consistently high trust and competence ratings are garnered in a Scotland battered daily with SNP/BAD.

    It says a great deal about how many Scots use a common sense approach of judging parties by personal experience, rather than the pish gushing into their daily lives from the unionist dominated media.

    Which begs the old question of where the SNP and Scotland would stand if we had any sort of balanced coverage.


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