If it’s so bad on Scotland’s trains why did only 0.025%* complain to the FM?


83 people wrote to complain about lack of punctuality and other problems on Scotrail services. Out of context, I suppose it seems quite a lot but there were 97.8 million passenger journeys in 2018. Even if we generously estimate the total number of passengers to around that figure divided by 300 (everyone on the train 300 days a year), we still have around 326 000 passengers.


If only 83 of them were mad (angry) enough to write to the PM after a highly publicised invitation and media campaign to demonise Scotrail, that’s a miserable 0.025%!

Most people who are content with a service will never write-in to say so. If they did, might they say this kind of thing?


‘99.75% of passengers content or very happy with Scotrail services!’



One thought on “If it’s so bad on Scotland’s trains why did only 0.025%* complain to the FM?

  1. Legerwood April 7, 2019 / 9:53 am

    The most recent figures on performance and reliability for Scotrail services are for the 4th April 2019. The figure for that day was 90.3%.


    The daily figures are published on this site with a 2-3 day lag.

    Network Rail also publishes performance figures – PPM The most recent are for the period 03/02/19 – 02/03/19 and were 89.8% up from 86.6% for the same period in 2018.

    PPM is the Public Performance Measure and is the percentage of trains that run their entire journey stopping at all their scheduled stations and arrive at their final destination within 5 mins of their scheduled time

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