Evidence of good governance IN SCOTLAND as Scotland outperforms UK for job creation


Remember this old joke?

In Insider yesterday:

‘Further growth in permanent staff appointments were signalled by Scottish recruiters during March, extending the current upturn to 26 months. The latest data revealed a stark contrast to the trend at the UK level, where permanent placements dipped moderately. Meanwhile temporary billings growth in Scotland was sharp, having accelerated from the previous month. Relative to the UK as a whole, Scotland overperformed, as the expansion at the national level eased.’


Why do I suggest that good governance will have played a part in this sign of strength in the Scottish economy when neither Insider nor BBC Scotland would? Well, only because it’s obvious and had Labour been in government, you can be sure they’d have got some credit. However, some more explicit evidence is available in these earlier reports:

Unemployment in Scotland 13% lower than UK and wages higher AFTER SNP government gives businesses more than £4 billion in rates relief

Unemployment in Scotland nearly 13% lower than in UK!

Further evidence of better employment practices in Scotland

Unemployment in Scotland below UK level and employment better paid

Or see below the merciful other reality of employment in modern Scotland?



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