‘Dundee Born and Read’, Evening Telegraph talking-up SCOTLAND OUTPERFORMING UK!


Yeh, yeh, Craig David likes Dundee too but what I really like is the avoidance of the ‘Too much tourism, SNP bad’ trope spreading around. Just as Scotland needs migrants, Dundee and many parts of Scotland welcome tourists and Dundee has earned them. See:

Is Dundee ‘punchin’? The only UK location in Lonely Planet’s top ten

From the ET yesterday:

‘Attractions in Scotland have outperformed the rest of the UK with a higher increase in visitor numbers, new figures have suggested. For the seventh year running the increase north of the border (19.07%) was higher than the UK average (8.68%) with the National Museum of Scotland the most visited attraction outside of London.




3 thoughts on “‘Dundee Born and Read’, Evening Telegraph talking-up SCOTLAND OUTPERFORMING UK!

  1. Terry callachan March 29, 2019 / 8:53 am

    Dundee my home, it’s a wonderful city,beautiful to look at along the river Tay and easy to like.From the city centre you can drive for ten minutes in any direction and be in the countryside (outside of work and school rush hour ) and what countryside it is.
    Just about anyone you speak to will give you a smile and chat away with you, there are no strangers in Dundee everyone knows everyone or their friends.

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