Controversial Wings over Scotland creator awarded degree in Citizen Journalism by US Professor

profwhite.png Sheriff Court Edinburgh 1 SA

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In recognition of their contributions to political debate, Professor Walter White, Dean of the School of Journalism and Drug Abuse at the University of the West of New Mexico and visiting professor at the College for Propaganda Studies in Ayr, has agreed to confer the degree of BA Citizen Journalism on a number of leading political bloggers in Scotland including the combative Stuart Campbell of Wings over Scotland. Campbell has denied he is White’s lovechild.

Professor White (pictured) said: ‘The lines between the amateur and the professional in journalism have become blurred as a consequence of technological advances and of events such as the Arab Spring in 2011 and the Scottish Autumn of 2014. In Scotland the catastrophic decline in mainstream journalism after the death of Ian Bell, has left so-called ‘bloggers’ the champions of investigative, evidence-based, journalism. Consequently, I suggest all so-called bloggers and cybernats refuse these contemptuous descriptors and proudly insist on being referred to as Citizen Journalists’


In recognition of the democratic nature of citizen journalism, anyone feeling left out of the initial virtual awards programme below should email to demand and receive the award by return.

Graduating Cohort 29th March 2019

Stuart Campbell                      with Merit in Martial Arts

Craig Murray                           with Merit in Human Rights

Paul Kavanagh                        with Merit in Public Watchdog Methods

James Kelly                              with Merit in Arithmetic

Mike Small                              with Merit in Schismatics

Gerry Hassan                           with Merit in Blairite Studies

Grouse Beater                         with Merit in Anonymity

Note: Professor Robertson of Talking-up Scotland told us: ‘Get lost sonny!’

Guidance: As soon as I post this you have the award and may use the title.


2 thoughts on “Controversial Wings over Scotland creator awarded degree in Citizen Journalism by US Professor

  1. William Henderson March 29, 2019 / 1:45 pm

    Since you’re in a playful frame of mind this morning, John, perhaps you will allow me to pick up on a comment by BIGJON999 made yesterday under Ludo’s artcle on energy. It referred to an article penned by Sarah Smith and available at url:

    This piece is a naked attempt to portray the SNP as a tricky, treacherous bunch of political chancers who don’t follow the arcane rules of British politics and who are obsessed with the drive for Scottish independent nationhood. It stems from the voting pattern adopted by the SNP during Westminster’s day-of-freedom on Wednesday past and some comments thereafter.

    Should Sarah happen to read this, or have it drawn to her attention, may I point out that the SNP exists as a political party for the core purpose of bringing Scotland’s governance home. For the SNP it is the soul of open-ness to consider independence to be a factor in everything it does. For a political editor to attempt to make this seem ‘sneaky’ is running close to using a script based on Orwell’s 1984.

    As for the way the SNP’s MPs voted on Wednesday, Sarah and her unionist companions should appreciate that every vote was carried out in line with the preferences for action openly advocated by the SNP (and totally ignored by Westminster and its obedient media) since 2016. It was a novelty – a political party actually doing what it promised its electorate. For this they are to be vilified.

    To claim that this article was balanced in a sense that normal people view balance would be absurd. That it was the work of a ‘national’ broadcaster is obscene

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