Why are deaths from asthma soaring in England but not in Scotland?


Typically, Anglocentric, the Telegraph, in May 2018 missed any variations within these islands. A TuS reader prompted this report. See:



The two graphs tell the story clearly but what could explain these contrasting trends? The Telegraph was in no doubt:

‘Experts said a lack of basic checks was leading to hundreds of deaths in Britain, two in three of which could have been prevented with the right care.’

See this for evidence on treatment plans including regular tests:



Scots asthma sufferers seem significantly more likely to have a treatment plan in place than those in England. The situation in Labour Wales is very bad with less than a third being treated properly. What other factors might there be? See this:


Are some asthma sufferers in England choosing to eat rather than treat? The Express seems to think so:


The Express does not of course suggest that its readers stop voting Tory.






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