Difficult times as UK food & drink exports ‘slow to crawl’ but in Scotland?



The above report: ‘UK Food and Drink Exports growth slow to a crawl in 2018’,

does not mention Scotland but the map below from the same site does, to dramatic effect:



Only the mostly rural South East compares. Every other part of England has a deficit.

With regard to growth, in Insider on March 15th 2019:

‘Value of whisky exports rises 7.8% as Scotland’s food and drink sold abroad brings in record £6.3 billion. Total exports increased by £293 million in 2018, a 4.9% rise, according to HMRC. Food exports have grown by 125% since 2007.’


Total UK food and drink exports for year ending 2018 were worth £16.4 billion.



Return of the meme! 8% of the population but 38% of the food and drink exports. How would Scotland survive?




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