5 continuous years of growth for Scottish tourism


In Insider today:

Scottish tourist attractions have welcomed an increase in the number of visitors for the fifth year running. Figures for 2018 were up 0.1% on last year which saw a 9.7% rise on 2016 and a 6% increase previously. The top 20 list made up for 59% of all visits with 10 of those based in Edinburgh. Sport and activity attractions saw a 7.7% increase across the country with castles and heritage sites up 4.2% and distilleries enjoying a 2.3% rise. Attractions across Dundee and Angus also recorded an increase in visitors, largely down to the V&A’s arrival in September. Discovery Point saw a 42% rise in visitors from 2017 with positive figures for Arbroath Abbey (up 18%) and Barry Mill (up 14%).’


Earlier evidence of growth in tourism has been reported here:

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One thought on “5 continuous years of growth for Scottish tourism

  1. Alasdair Angus Macdonald March 9, 2019 / 1:18 pm

    Ah! But, what about the chaos on Skye, which BBC Scotland made such a big fuss about? And what about the ‘tourist tax’ which the Tories tell us will destroy tourism? This tax, with work place parking levy, which the Tories claim makes us ‘the highest taxed part of the UK’. BBC Scotland takes this statement as a FACT.

    What we really need to do with tourism is to get much more of the ownership of the various parts into local (first) and (generally) Scottish ownership. This can be done via serious land legislation which reestablishes the land register and imposes land taxes which force the break up of large land holdings and multiple property ownerships.

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