Increased work-based learning opportunities across Scotland.

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More info related to this topic also carried on site this morning – Note the greater than target number of Modern apprenticeship starts achieved in 2017-2018 – link and snippets below:

Increased work-based learning opportunities across Scotland.

More than 29,000 people will benefit from Modern Apprenticeship opportunities next year in a continued effort to support youth employment, Fair Work Minister Jamie Hepburn announced.

The 29,000 target includes Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships and puts Scotland on course to reach a longstanding commitment to 30,000 new apprenticeship starts each year by 2020.

This increased goal will help give more people the opportunity to work, learn and earn while providing employers with the skills they need for their workforce.

The 2018/19 target of 28,000 Modern Apprenticeship starts is on course to be met.

Modern and Graduate Apprenticeships are jobs which allow people to work and learn. Around 1300 Graduate Apprenticeships will be available this year across 13 different subjects. This year up to 5000 Foundation Apprenticeship places for secondary pupils to choose alongside their other school subjects are also available. 27,145 people stared Modern Apprenticeships in 2017/2018, surpassing the 27,000 target.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is the nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging more employers to take on apprentices. This year’s theme is ‘Skills for the Future’, recognising the importance of investing in the workforce.

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One thought on “Increased work-based learning opportunities across Scotland.

  1. Contrary March 8, 2019 / 7:56 pm

    But – why is it only for YOUNG people?! So ageist. But – good that there are opportunities out there for the young, some hope keeps society ticking over.

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