Glasgow getting miles and miles better with help from that ‘Sturgeon’s SNP’

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In Insider today:

‘Bottom of Form

The £1.13 billion Glasgow City Region Deal – one of the largest in the UK – has made significant progress in creating jobs and boosting local businesses since being agreed in 2014, according to the government and other backers. The Glasgow City Region Cabinet has examined progress and said that all 27 projects that form the deal have been selected and most are underway. It said that six projects, as well as five other sub projects, were completed by the end of last year.  The Glasgow City Region Deal Cabinet said that more than 8,000 young people have been supported into work through Youth Gateway, a region-wide employment programme which was finished ahead of target. And Working Matters has helped thousands of Glasgow City Region residents in receipt of health-related benefits to begin the journey into long-term employment.’

The £500 million funding from ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP’ seems to have been missed in the Insider report but it’s here:

Earlier evidence that Glasgow is ‘going places’, so to speak, has been reported here:

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