Scotland’s continuing efforts to improve the lives of disabled


The Scottish government’s action plan announced yesterday, includes:

  • Up to £1 million to develop solutions to the barriers employers face in hiring and retaining disabled people
  • Up to £500,000 to pilot the provision of support similar to Access to Work to disabled people undertaking work experience or work trials
  • A new support service to help disabled people for who more mainstream employment support is not suitable
  • Appointing a business leader to advise Ministers on the steps to reduce the perceived risk of recruiting those with fluctuating health conditions
  • Developing targets for the employment of disabled people within the Scottish Government’s own workforce

While there is, of course, much still to be done, Scotland has already made some progress beyond that found elsewhere in UK:

Another little difference that tells us something: SNP to improve disability terms for terminally ill.

In the wake of the UN praise for Scotland’s approach to disability rights, NHS Scotland announces traineeships for disabled graduates

UN condemns UK Government’s ‘human catastrophe’ on disability rights but praises Scottish Government’s actions

How to feel a bit better about the Equality and Human Rights Commission report

‘One in five ‘Britons’ [living in England?] with disabilities have their rights violated, UN told’



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