Scotland’s wind energy smashes through 100% threshold but fails to bother BBC Scotland

Never mind those bloody windfarms, this one will bleeow yoh hice dine!

From the WWF, yesterday:

‘Wind output in November broke through the 100% threshold for the first time, with 109% of total Scottish electricity demand being met from renewables, enough to power nearly 6 million homes.’

Key points:

  1. 20 out of 30 days wind production outstripped demand.
  2. National Grid demand for the month – 1,994,839 MWh. What % of this could have been provided by wind power – 109%
  3. Best day – 28th November generation was 116,599MWh, 9.59m homes, 391% households.  Demand that day was 60,492MWh – wind generation was 192% of that.
  4. Worst day – 26th November 22,677 MWh, 1.86m homes, 75% of households
  5. How many days generation was over 100% of household electricity requirement – 28
  6. How many days generation exceeded overall electricity demand – 20

STV did cover the story as did the National and Energy Voice. For some reason it did not appear even on the BBC Scotland website never mind Reporting Scotland.


3 thoughts on “Scotland’s wind energy smashes through 100% threshold but fails to bother BBC Scotland

  1. Linda Oates December 11, 2018 / 2:16 pm

    BBC do not want Scotland to know the truth and BBC are bias towards Scotland with Scottish news twisted around to make Scotland look bad of what the Scottish SNP government do all they can for the people of Scotland. Its disgusting the way Scotland is treat by the BBC and not fit for viewing in Scotland

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  2. David Pettigrew December 11, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    Just hand the licence fee back

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