SNP Government making new links to North and East in preparation for Brexit failures by UK Government



As the UK drifts out of control toward the cliff edge of a hard Brexit, the Scottish Government is making sensible moves to strengthen Scotland’s trade links with Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Ireland and now, with those countries in the Arctic Circle. See these previous reports:

Scotland to strengthen links with Ireland as well as Scandinavia and the Baltic as SNP Government prepares for Brexit

Scotland’s Nordic-Baltic Co-operation

Now the First Minister is to deliver a keynote addresses at the Arctic Circle Assembly on Friday in Iceland. There will be 2 000 delegates there from 50 countries (50?) which lie near or in the Arctic Circle. Economic collaboration and climate change will be the main themes of the conference and of the First Minister’s address.

Reported in Insider magazine today, the FM said:

‘There is much Scotland can gain by looking north, and we also have knowledge and insight to share with our neighbours in the region. As we face the growing threat of an economically damaging extreme Brexit, it is more vital than ever that we seek to build strong international links, and I am determined to do all I can to build consensus with like-minded nations.’

I’ve already reported today on the renewable energy generation expertise we have to share, at:

Scotland’s expertise in renewable power generation now worth billions

Other writers have compared the Scottish First and the UK Prime, ministers recently, with the former seeming so much more in control of circumstances. This just adds to the impression.


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