IT’s back! ‘The Demonising 2’: BBC Scotland remove all Brown stuff in preparation for backdoor examination of Salmond

ASheadlineDrec‘Sex rap case cops’? Is that a self-mocking parody of journalism by a wee trainee? No, it’s the Daily Record innit?


Is ‘assisting’ usually a euphemism suggesting dirty deeds? Me paranoid?


Wait, isn’t the National on ‘our side’? What ‘balanced professional journalism’? They had to give it prominence like the Nomedia? Why? 

BBC Scotland’s callous clearance from their decks, of former PM Gordon Brown’s sort of pro-Scottish intervention, has opened up space to return to the ‘Salmond Sex Shock Scandal Shenanigans Chagrin.’ Popular blogger and seer, Indyref2, has checked the data and has confirmed the latest explicitly anti-Independence tactic by BBC Scotland News:


Against a background of all-round competence by the SNP big cats, our Nomedia has had to remake The Demonising with former FM Alex Salmond again in the leading role. Alleged Professor, Dr John Robertson, MEd, Dip Ed, Dip Ed, Cert Ed, Cert Ed, Cert Ed, Leaping Wolf, will not be asked to reprise his role as Salmond’s defender as he is, according to BBC Scotland editor, Edward Plantagenet, ‘a blahdee decwepit confoused eeold gout.’


So-called ‘Prof’ Robertson, caricatured only a wee bit, in his time at before signing a gagging clause.

The Demonising was filmed in 2014 after Prof Red Robbo’s team had fucked up their research with more than six typos and wrong dates but, despite that, Robertson was invited to defend his work in Holyrood. His defence, the unfortunate appearance of BBC Scotland hie heidyins and the publishing of the research online, all went viral, even making the pages of the then widely-read Scotsman.

Comments made by the Scotsman’s atrocious wee trolls have been removed, I see.

Going forward, remember to be aware of Indyref2’s resident seer and his predictions.





2 thoughts on “IT’s back! ‘The Demonising 2’: BBC Scotland remove all Brown stuff in preparation for backdoor examination of Salmond

  1. Contrary November 14, 2018 / 10:03 pm

    So. Are you allowed to just keep repeating Dip Ed after your name then? I’m asking for a friend.

    I’ve yet to find out what Gordon Brown said, I know he said something, but I just keep getting hints, nothing tangible, would anyone enlighten me? Not only are the BBC avoiding the subject, everyone else is too! (Yes I’ve been orbiting a black hole for the past week).

    Things I have noticed on BBC radio Scotland lately – aside from the attacks on the Scottish legal system, sigh, (my argument is that corroboration should stay, and the law should be nuanced for certain types of crime. The story goes that the European court of human rights made Scotland reduce the time (from 5 days to 24 hours I think, something like that) you could hold someone without charge – quite rightly, really – and before this, the main corroborating evidence in the likes of rape or domestic abuse was confession from the attacker – usually a family member, horrifically. With only 24hours, the accused doesn’t tend to confess. There can be lots of different corroborating bits of evidence, expert witness, physical evidence, another witness (in addition to the accuser), but these are hard to come by in domestic abuse situations – so surely they can find an alternative ‘corroboration’ specifically in the types of cases where it’s awkward. Nuance. Corroboration I believe reduces unsafe convictions – innocents confessing to crimes is very popular, honestly it happens frequently under stressful interview conditions; and it ensures a crime has been more thoroughly investigated. Not something you should throw away because it’s inconvenient in some cases. Then there are some people that think ‘not proven’ is too confusing as a verdict? Really?). Gone well off piste there,,, where was I?

    Oh yes, radio Scotland. And it’s reporting on Brexit. Sigh. They have been repeating themselves for two years now. And speaking as though it’s news each time. They have been saying exactly the same thing week on week, no change, for two years. Exactly the same thing. And passing it off as news. They never criticise the government, or Theresa May, or seem to notice that they’ve been saying the same things, for two years now, and are making out as though it is *normal*. Normalising fascism, ready for our new future. Anyway, I felt that this past couple of weeks, that it’s started to take a fairly tale style lilt to it, like they’ve all been brainwashed and their alternate reality touches so little of this reality, their voices have become sing-song and honeyed to get round the dissonance.

    There was something about Boris Johnston, blah blah, as though he had something credible to say in relation to T May, as though they weren’t reporting his hate filled diatribes just a month or so ago (time gets warped on the event horizon of a black hole, so my perception of time can be a little off)(and because this is all rinse and repeat and of no interest). Radio Scotland has its own version of Alice in wonderland, they’ve sunk into a fairy tale land where the uk government can do no wrong and it’s all honeydew and roses and everything is fine lets pretend nothing has changed and breaking the Belfast agreement will have no consequences and it’s all fine we should love the government for being so benevolent and caring for us and they can only do good while privatising the health system ensuring only the rich get care that’s fine smiles and roses let’s not think about if we can afford private education for our children toe the line it’ll be fine the government is so benevolent and lovely they ensure our army veterans are starving on the street while they buy a poppy so moral and upstanding they told us so while people work to starve and benefits are cut but food banks are fine they told us so so it’s the best thing it’s not got anything to do with the government if those lazy uneducated people can’t feed themselves on the pittance of minimum wage no no nothing to do with the structure of society or regulation or my own greedy need to keep my own taxes to myself and it’s all fine nothing will ever happen to me that I will need social security I have insurance and they always have my best interests at heart like the government and all private enterprise yes they will always care for us though I will never need care I am the elite everyone else is just lazy who gives a shit about their children I don’t need an economy for when I’m old because insurance will look after me they don’t need regulated or they wouldn’t make enough profit so that’s fine who needs workers rights I’m invincible and nothing bad will ever happen I will never collapse on the street and need someone to pick me up and the economy will keep rolling even if there are no people left working the government told me so and they are always so right and so good everyone else is lying I don’t need to read about how it works. How DO people think? What makes that fairy tale land their reality? Is it just a form of blind worship? Saves them actually having to do any thinking.

    Unconscious bias my arse, they are in la-la land consciously ignoring reality. And we have these people lording over us, telling us what to think, how to think, deciding what we should and should not know.

    Three gold stars to anyone that makes it through the zero-punctuation passage 🙂


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