‘Social housing: One of Scotland’s best kept secrets?’ Tell our Nomedia


From Scottish Housing News today:

‘Social landlords are maintaining a strong performance across all standards and outcomes set by the Scottish Housing Regulator. Results from the latest Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) revealed that 9 out of 10 tenants are satisfied with the homes and services their landlord provides, proving that social housing is a great place to live. The results also show 84% of RSL tenants are satisfied that their rent is good value for money and 89% of RSL tenants are satisfied with the quality of their homes, both figures up on last year. Some 94% of homes also now meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.’


Any other good news about housing in Scotland? Just these:

92% of Scots happy with their housing!

SNP Government builds affordable/social housing at almost twice the rate of Tories in England

Scotland increasingly ‘streets ahead’ of England on affordable housing delivery

Scottish social housing more accessible and cheaper than in rest of UK

Good news on affordable housing from the Scotsman despite unnecessary quotation marks, a wee ‘despite’ and a ‘but’

Once more, an East Renfrewshire social rent housing project in Scottish Housing News forgets to credit the huge Scottish Government subsidy

Care Inspectorate rate Shetland housing association 100%

Social Housing spending in England collapses under callous Tories while the SNP pushes on

Scottish Government increases supply of affordable housing and builds at more, perhaps much more, than twice the rate as in England



2 thoughts on “‘Social housing: One of Scotland’s best kept secrets?’ Tell our Nomedia

  1. Alasdair Macdonald September 20, 2018 / 12:26 pm

    Mr Adonis is one of the few Labourites who actually recognises that in a number of ways Scotland does things not just differently, but, often, better compared to England.

    He was not a ‘Labour’ person. He is principally a journalist who had a fairly social democratic/liberal outlook and he was brought into government by Mr Tony Blair because of his knowledgeability about railways. He was put into the House of Lords. He has always had a frankness and is uncnstrained by party whips and the need to be elected! Although I am for abolition of the Lords, he is one of those of whom it can be said that he provides a reasonable service. He is pretty much a maverick, like, say, Ms Sarah Wollaston the Tory MP.

    His is pretty much a lone voice. He is certainly no Corbynite. Although Labour in England, with the advent of Momentum, is showing signs of being prepared to think, and perhaps even act, radically, unlike the soor faced troglodytes of the Scottish branch. However, the Momentumites are Labour and have the tribal loyalty. Since the only Labour governance anywhere is in Wales and since it almost always compares significantly poorly compared to Scotland, Momentum will not use Scotland as a good comparator. Momentum wants Scotland to return to electing a large tranche of semi-sapient knuckle draggers to ensure a Westminster majority for Labour. So, they just want us ‘to eat our cereal’ and let them get on with providing what is good for us, because, we are no very good and need to be tellt what we need.

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