Care Inspectorate rate Shetland housing association 100%


An inspection of the Hjaltland Housing Association’s housing support services has been unable to offer any suggestions for improvement. This is unusual. They can typically find something missing in documentation.

The inspectors looked at both the sheltered housing support services and the transitional arrangements for young people leaving care and found both to be ‘Excellent.’

An inspection of the Association’s sheltered housing support services along with The Hub Project – an initiative jointly ran with Shetland Islands Council to provide transitional housing and support for young people leaving care was carried out on September 19 with the services given an ‘excellent’ rating. The audit looked at the quality of care and support and the quality of management and leadership.

Reported in Scottish Housing News, the head of the service said:

‘I’m pleased to hear that service users were highly complementary of the quality of care and support offered. Their feedback, along with the ‘excellent’ rating given by the Care Inspectorate is testament to the commitment and dedication shown by our staff members who work hard to achieve good outcomes for service users.’

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2 thoughts on “Care Inspectorate rate Shetland housing association 100%

  1. Alasdair Macdonald December 20, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    I am pleased to see that the inspectors involved have decided that there is no adverse issue – or ‘point for action’ – worthy of mentioning. The requirement to balances ‘strengths and weaknesses’ in official reports usually led to distortions of the actual picture. Very often the ‘strengths’ were particularly significant, but, because of the need to identify things that were less satisfactory, some of these were particularly trivial. But, of course, the ‘newshounds’ would pounce on these, to the exclusion of the strengths.

    I recall, a report on a local primary school a couple of years ago. By any standards, the report was outstanding and local parents were delighted with it and endorsed it. However, the report had identified three minor points for action – they had to list three. The five paragraph report in the local paper was headed “Room for Improvement” the opening paragraph essentially reprised the headline. The next three paragraphs were devoted to each of the points for action. The final paragraph was along the lines of ‘Inspectors felt that ‘otherwise the school was satisfactory’.

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