Edinburgh best place for technology in UK?

Calton Hill at Night 670 x 441

(c) SDI

From Scottish Business News Network yesterday:

‘Scotland’s capital city is the best place for tech companies looking to scale up, access funding, and do business in, according to a new Government backed report examining the UK’s tech landscape. Edinburgh tech companies responded with the highest approval rating in the UK when asked to assess how good their city was for ‘doing business’ – a combination of sub factors including access to finance and talent – as part of The Tech Nation 2018 Report – an annual series that captures the strength, depth and breadth of digital tech activity in the UK which employs over one million people. Edinburgh was also voted “World’s best city for millennials to move to” earlier this year by Deustche Bank.’


Any other examples of good news about Edinburgh? Just a few:

Edinburgh poised to make significant advances in mental health research based upon data science ‘unparalleled in UK’.

‘Edinburgh tops list of most influential small cities in Europe’

‘Edinburgh among the best for equality’

Best UK city for inward investment is Edinburgh

More bad news for Ruth and Kezia: ‘Edinburgh is most active UK city for innovation outside London’

‘Staggering’ 175% increase in Edinburgh office take-up is further evidence of booming Scottish economy

Can Edinburgh’s high-tech expertise steal some of London’s financial business post-Brexit?





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