As Ruth Davidson’s party bombs Damascus, evicts loyal West Indians and slashes the welfare state, the Scottish Government makes its third humanitarian intervention in three days


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We’ve just heard of the Scottish Government’s improved terms for the terminally ill and their funding of frontline work with the hardcore of street homeless. See these for more detail:

Another little difference that tells us something: SNP to improve disability terms for terminally ill.

SNP Government to fund frontline efforts to help hardcore of street homeless while Ruth Davidson goes from baking show to celebrity list membership games and our media rats sniff the sewer air for SNP-bad aroma

Today, we hear that Scotland’s new Social Security bill includes changes to legislation so that disabled Scots will not face the unnecessary and often humiliating medical checks before claiming benefits. Based on an amendment from the Green’s Alison Johnstone, the new requirement is that assessments will only be carried out when there is not enough pre-existing medical evidence for the claim by an applicant.

Despite the constraints of this union, Scotland continues to move toward becoming a better nation. See these earlier examples:

More evidence of becoming a better nation as SNP ‘future-proof’ social security

Another step on the way to becoming a ‘Living Wage Nation’ and a ‘Better Nation?’

In a year of terrible events, we can still feel that this wee country is getting better as it drifts away from the callous, post-imperial, values of Tory Britain


8 thoughts on “As Ruth Davidson’s party bombs Damascus, evicts loyal West Indians and slashes the welfare state, the Scottish Government makes its third humanitarian intervention in three days

  1. Contrary April 23, 2018 / 6:47 pm

    It sounds as though the SNP have put a large amount of thought & consultation into the newly devolved social security powers – let us hope they aren’t taken to court over this one! I certainly feel some amount of relief that disability benefits have come under the Scottish Government’s purview, it is awful beyond words what Westminster has been doing. I just wish they had been given all the social security. In fact, while I’m at it, I wish they were given full tax powers, pensions, economic powers, foreign policy, immigration, broadcasting, security, defence, and, in fact, wish Westminster had no say in the running of Scotland at all,,, hmm.

    Westminster just isn’t fit for purpose, I mean, fair game to the English if that’s what they want running their country, but really, we can see that there are so many other far better options, and sometimes you’ve just got to move on. Do you remember the days before devolution? In fact, before the SNP went into government in our devolved parliament (not the farce of labour handing back -our- money because they couldn’t think of anything to use it for,,,)? Horrible.

    All these recent Scottish gov’t policies you’ve reported on John can only put Scotland, as a separate entity, in better standing with the UN I’d have thought – and if we are viewed by the rest of the world as a separate entity already,,, maybe easier for the logical next step?

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  2. Ludo Thierry April 23, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    Hi Contrary – if my memory serves wasn’t Social Security discussed and agreed at the Smith Commission – Only for the northbrit labour accounting unit to insist it be revisited and the decision watered down (as a red line issue – no agreement no sign-off)? If my memory is faulty I’m sure one of John’s erudite readers will put me straight. Now the SNP Scottish Govt is trying to work out a better Social Security system with both hands tied behind their back.

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  3. Contrary April 23, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    Hi Ludo, I was just reading your excellent comments over on the homeless article, and I believe you are definitely one of John’s erudite readers – with a good memory!

    So many things were promised,,, I really can’t remember what they all were – did the Smith Commission produce anything tangible? Those half-arsed tax powers too, what a farce, and I was astounded the SNP actually found a solution, quite impressive. I think, or hope anyway, that the social security stuff will be more useful, even if it isn’t the whole set.

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  4. Steve MacSweeney April 25, 2018 / 9:55 am

    Value what you have Scotland, a clear thinking compassionate government, light years from England.As an Englishman in Hertfordshire I joined the SNP because your first minister is inspirational. Love your country too and would move there tomorrow if it wasn’t for the bloody weather! And your wildlife destroying gamekeepers.
    Power to you and respect.

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