As our negative national stereotype begins to crumble, Scots are now drinking less often than in many parts of England


The old stereotype is fading other than in the tired repertoire of airheaded English comedians. Scotland, we know has a fast-falling violent crime rate with far less knife crime than elsewhere in the UK, especially London, and a lower rate of violent crime in our cities than in any of the English cities. See these for more:

Of 35 children and teenagers killed with knives in Britain in 2017, not one was in Scotland, yet in 2005, the UN called Scotland the most violent country in the developed world.

Murders and serious assaults continue downward trend in Scotland to below that of Sweden.

Scotland’s university cities by far the safest places to send your children

The ‘Sick man of Europe’ image is still with us but must surely pass away with my generation. See, for example:

Scottish stillbirth and early infant death rates lowest in the UK and approaching lowest in the world

‘Children’s doctors are praising Scottish Government for its commitment to child health’

Now, we see evidence of the main factor underpinning our old stereotype, ‘the drink’, also diminishing. The chart above is from an ONS report, which I can’t trace but also in a BBC report today with, of course, no proper referencing. It’s only one measure, I appreciate, but it’s quite a good indicator of our changing relationship with alcohol.

Sláinte gan alcól!


5 thoughts on “As our negative national stereotype begins to crumble, Scots are now drinking less often than in many parts of England

  1. gavin March 28, 2018 / 12:27 pm

    Good news for health.
    Bad news? The heart of the social and sociable village.

    Where once in the pub, you had to struggle ( by-passing pals who wanted to buy you a half )up the bar to get to the toilet—-now this pub is only open part-time.
    Our hotel, where you could drink all night, long before extended licencing, now turned into flats.
    Our British legion closed for ever.
    Things change. No more police mans house, or Headmasters house in the village.
    Our library closed. Our Community Centre ( funded originally by the village miners paying a tanner a week from their pay) pulled down, by a local authority which taxes us and spends the money elsewhere. We are funding new facilities ourselves
    But life is good, we force medicinal alcohols down our thrapples( in moderation, of course) and hope to live for ever!
    And…..once mighty Scotland beat once mighty Hungary at footie!
    If only it was in the final…………………………….


  2. Contrary March 28, 2018 / 7:18 pm

    I’m quite, pleasantly, surprised by this report, who’d have thunk it? Reportage from MSM sources suggest the Scottish relationship with drink problem is getting worse ,,,

    Local pubs closing is a problem,,, but then, how is it they haven’t adapted – serve decent snacks, decent soft drinks, cups of tea etc as well as the drink – and how is it we haven’t adapted, to go out and socialise in a pub without taking a drink – this last is the hardest concept I think, one I have difficulty with too, however much I’d like to adopt it.

    England and Wales look awfully tiny in that map – just wondering how much the warped-map propaganda has been entrenched in my brain that even though I KNOW the land area in Scotland is larger it still doesn’t look right. Goes to show how successful their decades of shovelling warped nonsense down our throats has been – we just don’t know what things or how many, or where when or why, have been propaganda’d at us, however critically you might read or listen. Counteracting it is an uphill struggle – John, you and the other Indy bloggers are the only ones helping & doing an amazing job at it – everyone should be reading these reports, Indy supporters or not, just to clear the addled nonsense from their heads. I still get moments of surprise when things I thought I knew as fact are debunked – and I tend to be very sceptical at the best of times, so it shows how ingrained the warped messages have been. Repeat it often enough,,,

    Honestly, John, I so wish there were more people out there with your level of integrity reporting news – even with your declared bias, you still analyse reports objectively & give us digestible information from them, and you never claim to be an expert on things you don’t know about either. You are giving up so much of your time for us as well, summarising long winded incomprehensible reports & raw data. And all that because of your dedication to independence, which SHOULD be the natural way of thinking in any healthy nation.

    In fact, it’s probably because of your talking up Scotland good news stories that the rate of drinking has gone down, I’m sure there must be a correlation there 😀


  3. johnrobertson834 March 28, 2018 / 7:28 pm

    You give me too much credit I suspect. Thanks for the support. I appreciate it.


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