Abertay University Number 1 in Europe for computer games degrees.


The Princeton Review has ranked Abertay University, in Dundee, the best in Europe for undergraduate computer games course and 19th in the World.

From Insider today:

Abertay , which launched the world’s first computer games degree in 1997, was ranked top for undergraduate courses and within the highest dozen for postgraduate degrees. Globally, the university was ranked 19th in the world for undergraduate degrees. ‘


This follows a number of accolades for both of the Dundee universities and for the city in the last year or so. See:

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‘University of Dundee is UK’s highest ranked institution for influencing innovation’

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One thought on “Abertay University Number 1 in Europe for computer games degrees.

  1. Ludo Thierry March 14, 2018 / 8:05 pm

    Abertay Uni have really carved out a special niche for themselves (and Scotland) in this rapidly growing area of science, computing and business. Good on them – great to see native-born and imported (immigrant – let’s hear it for Scotland’s valued immigrants) human capital coming to fruition right here in Scotland – and growing important businesses for the future Indy Scotland in Europe.

    Another Uni story (this time St. Andrews) carried (surprisingly) on the beeb Jockland site. The link below carries a short interview with this brave Catalan lady Professor and former Education Minister: (During her time of exile here in Scotland we can hope that we and she will see the democratic choice of Independence exercised by the Scottish people. Scotland and Catalonia have different histories – but both populations are wedded to the democratic, popular path to an Independent future – and waving farewell to our curious and embarrassing feudal, imperialist past).

    Exiled Catalan minister calls for support

    A former Catalan minister who has returned to Scotland after fleeing Spain said “all democratic governments” should condemn the imprisonment of her former colleagues.

    Clara Ponsatí was education minister in the Catalan government when it declared independence from Spain in October



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