36% increase in recruitment of construction apprentices and a seventh successive year of growth!


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A quick one, based on yesterday’s report from Insider, the business magazine Reporting Scotland just cannot find. I’ve presented here a stream in reports from Insider confirming good news for the Scottish economy. Yesterday, we read:

‘Last year, CITB Scotland said it directly trained 1,930 new Modern Apprentices, up 36% from 1,422 apprentices in 2011. CITB research released last month predicted more than 10,000 new workers are needed in Scotland in the next five years.

Recruitment of Scottish construction apprentices has grown for the seventh consecutive year, according to new figures from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).’


As always, this is not a one off but the latest in a series of reports suggesting improvement in two important elements within our economy – future skills development and youth employment generally. See these related posts:

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There’s so much good news out there, I think I’ll start a blog on it. Wait a minute, I have. If only Reporting Scotland would go for some of this stuff, they’d feel better about themselves.


One thought on “36% increase in recruitment of construction apprentices and a seventh successive year of growth!

  1. Alasdair Macdonald March 9, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Having all these trained construction industry apprentices should help when a meaningful social housebuilding programme is established.

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