Scottish Government meets its youth employment target four years early to place Scotland as among the most successful in Europe



Youth unemployment in Scotland ins 9.4%, a decrease of 48.3% since 2014. The target was 40%. The table below reveals the shockingly high level of youth employment across much of Europe. Scotland’s figure is amongst the best in Europe and significantly better than for the UK as a whole.


Scotland would come in 5th best out of 29, on youth unemployment, just after Slovenia. Bloody Slovenia! Holding us back in football and in this.

This achievement is impressive and is testimony to the Scottish government’s initiatives including the Developing the Young Workforce programme based on education, improved careers advice, work experience and modern apprenticeship opportunities. Most recently, they have announced £96 million of funding to create fairer employment support services to help the disabled and those facing social and economic barriers to get into and to stay in work.

I feel sure this good news will be all over BBC News broadcasts.


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