Red squirrel population soars in North-East under SNP Government

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I’ve already reported on an increase in dolphin numbers under the SNP. Now we hear that the red squirrel population is thriving in the North-east and stabilising throughout Scotland.

Could there be some subconscious effect of greater autonomy in Scotland transmitting itself to the wildlife populations? I feel sure even the dogs in my local area are a bit friendlier these days. One of the cuddliest is a wee Westie. Weren’t they vicious wee buggers back in the PS (Pre-Salmond) era? See our ‘Mac’ above, home on leave from insurgent-biting duties in Aden. He used to attack Alsatians in the 1960s, remembering well that they were undercover Germans.

SNP responsible for massive increase in dolphins! More help for small businesses from RBS but can we trust them? And now we have more devolution so now more responsibility to end child poverty in Scotland. Let’s do it

I couldn’t find any scientific correlation between the SNP and red squirrel populations though I had done so, for dolphins in February 2017. Suspecting, naturally, that SNP marine policies might be responsible, I did a quick ‘SNP dolphins’ search and found what looked like confirmation in:

Genome-Wide SNP and Population Divergence of Finless Porpoises at:

I still haven’t had time to read the article, but the title seemed clear. I supposed another explanation might have been a softening of the ‘Wee Free’ kirk’s disapproval of having fun in recent years? Or, could Donald Trump’s policies have been driving them away from Florida to a country with a more positive attitude to migrants?

Since writing this, some commentators have offered an alternative reading of the acronym SNP, but I remain convinced the SNP (Scotland Needs Porpoises?) government is not just good for humans but has a subtle effect on the well-being of our flora and fauna too.

Make up your own mind, but Blairite Labour was clearly not red enough for our squirrels.

I see they’ve taught Orcas to speak recently. Perhaps we could get their opinions on this?


8 thoughts on “Red squirrel population soars in North-East under SNP Government

  1. Clydebuilt February 9, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    The Grey squirrels round here have red heid’s. . . . Is that normal?

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  2. Ludo Thierry February 9, 2018 / 6:13 pm

    Ginger heidit grey squirrels? – – More water in it next time Clydebuilt! (Unless you’re seeing them somewhere near one of the Nuclear facilities – in that case we all better worry).

    I reckon Mac the Westie pictured in John’s article is the kind of pooch who was partial to a wee drop of Scottish salmon if there was a bit going? – in which case I’m not going off topic when I mention the continuing impressive export performance figures for Scottish salmon and Scotch whisky released today (from Scot.Gov news site below) Good to see Fergus Ewing stick it to the britnat brexiteers re. EU exports and EU nationals working in these major Scottish industries:

    Record levels of salmon and whisky exports
    EU top export market.
    Scotch whisky and salmon exports continue to grow at record levels, new figures for 2017 have shown.
    In 2017, Scotch whisky exports from the UK were valued at £4.36 billion, up 9% (£356.3 million) compared to 2016.
    Salmon exports grew to £600 million in 2017, up 35% (£155.5 million) compared to 2016.
    The figures also show that Europe continues to be the top export market for salmon and Scotch whisky in terms of both value and volume.
    Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing welcomed the figures. He said:

    “We will continue to do all we can to support and protect our food and drink sector, which faces growing uncertainty in the labour and export markets as a result of Brexit, which poses a direct threat to this success by removing Scotland from the world’s biggest single market, and its consumer base of almost half a billion people.

    “In addition 10,000 EU nationals work in our food and drink industry, which exports more than £2 billion to Europe through the single market each year.

    “While these figures are something to celebrate, it is a stark reminder of what is at stake if we are taken out of this important market.”

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  3. Ckydebuilt February 10, 2018 / 2:22 pm

    John & Ludo. . . . Don’t mind them getting the Irn Bru as long as it’s not our other National Spirit. . . . Check out grey squirrel’s on Google images . . . . They are all on the Bru . . .

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  4. greig12 February 10, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    Could it be a conservative clearly defined porpoise? It’ll be nothing short of a mackerel if you see one of them.


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  5. Derek February 11, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    Grey squirrels are vermin. Tree rats, who unfortunately get a good press. If they invade your roof-space, you call in the exterminator, who promises faithfully they’ll be released in a 5* luxury wood not far away. In fact the law says that’ll be the 5* wood in the sky.
    Apply analogies as appropriate.

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