NHS Scotland A&E significantly outperforms NHS England A&E in January 2018


According to the Guardian today:

‘Hospitals recorded their worst performance against the four-hour A&E treatment target last month as the NHS came under unprecedented strain because of winter and the flu outbreak. A&E units based at hospitals managed to treat and then admit, transfer or discharge just 77.1% of arrivals within the politically important four-hour target in January. That compared with 77.3% in December, which was also a new record low at that time.’


Though NHS Scotland report weekly, the average for January 2018, was 85% of patients seen, treated and discharged with 4 hours.


The crisis in NHS England has of course, led administrators there to drop A&E targets for the next two years, as they claim ‘Tory austerity cuts make them impossible to keep’. See:


This decision suggests the winter flu pressure is only part of the story in NHS England.


9 thoughts on “NHS Scotland A&E significantly outperforms NHS England A&E in January 2018

  1. Alasdair Macdonald February 8, 2018 / 6:15 pm

    Again, this is useful contextual information.

    The NHS England figure is the main featured article on the BBC Health section. The only Scottish health story on the Scotland page is about an issue in Caithness.

    The figures for all health boards in the UK can be found from a box on the Health section where, by entering the post code, the relevant data can be found. Although Greater Glasgow has failed to meet the target, it is noted that the figure is up 0.5% on this period last year. This last part is fairly straightforward factual data, but because of the very prominent cross (i.e. failure to meet target) a political point is being implied.

    The vacuousness of the headline figure can be understood with a little bit of thought and some arithmetical ability. The target figure is a percentage of those ATTENDING A&E. If, in Month A 1000 people attend and 80% of these are treated within the target time, then 800 people have been dealt with. If, in Month B 1500 people attend and ONLY 60% are discharged within the target time, 900 people have been dealt with. The BBC Scotland staff would be almost orgasmic with delight! “A&E figures PLUMMET”since they are not too hot at arithmetic and the use of precise vocabulary they might even holler: “ONE QUARTER FEWER patients dealt with compared to last month!” There would be no mention of A&E dealing with 12.5% MORE people compared to the previous month.

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  2. bigjon999 February 8, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    The BBC website has an article that states that Scotland had comparable figures to the English A&E figures…
    “But the four-hour A&E target was still missed for the 30th month in a row; with 85.3% of patients seen, marginally better than the 85.1% in December.
    Similar performance is being recorded in Scotland, while Wales and Northern Ireland are doing even worse.”
    So two lies – it was 77.1% for A&E units and Scotland was a far higher percentage, nowhere near similar.
    Written to BBC, awaiting response (but not holding my breath!).

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  3. Ludo Thierry February 8, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    Hi Big Jon. I saw that same beeb piece on their Health site – I had to read it a couple of times because the stated figures weren’t making any sense in relation to the 77.1% figure (for January) reported in the Grauniad (and reported here by John). I’d be very interested to hear what response you get from the state broadcaster (if any). Given that auntie beeb seems to be trying a bit of sleight of hand perhaps I can be forgiven for spotlighting a bit of really good news from beeb Jockland site which involves “.. oh look – there’s a red squirrel…’

    Scotland’s red squirrel numbers stabilise
    Red squirrels have seen a surge in numbers in Scotland’s north east and have stabilised nationwide, according to conservation researchers.
    Results from Scotland’s Red Squirrels 2017 survey show that their population has stopped shrinking across the country.
    The most positive results reveal that there has been a “significant” boost in numbers around Aberdeen.
    Red squirrels are also starting to appear in previously abandoned areas.

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  4. bigjon999 February 8, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    The Aberdeenshire numbers will be helped by the amount of peanuts they’re taking from our bird feeders 🙂 Sometimes I’m surprised they can walk away – they’ve stuffed themselves for so long.

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  5. Ludo Thierry February 8, 2018 / 9:13 pm

    Hi again – I went to the Grauniad article and read the entirety this time – I believe I have found the source of the beeb prestidigitation. (See below):

    ‘NHS England stressed that the proportion of patients receiving A&E-type care at all types of settings, including walk-in and urgent care centres, rose slightly to 85.3% in January from 85.1% in December 2017. However, that was still the third worst-ever performance by that, their preferred measure of progress against the A&E target.’

    So, once again, the beeb are conflating “..A+E-type care at all types of settings, including walk-in and urgent care centres..’ with A+E proper.

    This false conflation allows beeb’s Nick Tiggle to claim “But the four-hour A&E target was still missed for the 30th month in a row; with 85.3% of patients seen, marginally better than the 85.1% in December”.

    Hey Nick Tiggle – we saw what you did there – and Paul Daniels you ain’t. One might have thought the beeb’s Health Honcho might have seen the warning from the head of the UK Stats authority about Treeza making false comparisons between England and Wales and taken a bit of that medicine himself.

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  6. Sam February 8, 2018 / 10:13 pm

    ITV have just announced 85.3% achieved for January. So the tactics are coordinated .

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  7. Alasdair Macdonald February 8, 2018 / 10:18 pm

    A slight diversion: on Good Morning Scotland today, Gary Robertson introduced a piece about the release of the impact assessments different Brexit scenarios on the the different parts of the UK and raised the question of Mr Mundell’s dismissal of the SNP’s assessments and how similarthe latter was in comparison to the UK’s estimates. He pointed out that Mr Mundell was unavailable and none of the 13 Conservative MPs or anyone else associated with the Conservatives was available for comment.

    One must congratulate him for raising the issue and indicating the non-availability.

    However, the programme then interviewed Mr Paul Sweeney the Shadow Scottish Secretary about Labour’s Brexit policy (or lack of one, depending on one’s partiality!) He was not asked about Mr Mundell’s failure to respond to a legitimate question about his dodging of answering questions nor about Mr Mundell’s appalling record on this matter – assessments Do exist and MPs and MSPs will have sight of them, then NO such things do not exist, and NOW, via a press release they do exist (but I am unavailable for comment). Absent from the programme was any mention of THE COLONEL, because clearly our heroine cannot be tainted by association with duplicity and mendacity.

    Shortly after, he interviewed an SNP and a Conservative MSP regarding the resignation of the Chief Constable. Again, this is a valid story. However, very quickly the Conservative, Ms Margaret Mitchell resurrected the attack on the Justice Secretary. At the end of the exchange, Mr Robertson then asked both for their views on the Brexit assessments. Ms Mitchell simply refused to answer the question; indeed, she never even mentioned the topic in her response, which was to repeat the attack on the Justice Secretary.

    So, at least Mr Robertson tried.

    On searching the BBC website, I could not find anything about Mr Mundell’s refusal.

    It seems that simply by refusing to be available, this story about the Conservatives, is simply not pursued. However, since the SNP were prepared to put someone up to deal with the Chief Constable matter – and, of course the SNP was right to do so – the attack on Mr Mathieson was allowed to continue.

    But, as we see above, the NHS Scotland attacks continue without break, even after many people by various means have pointed out the distortions.

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  8. Ludo Thierry February 9, 2018 / 9:01 pm

    Whilst the britnats spend their time hollering SNP Baadery all day long the SNP Scottish Govt gets quietly and efficiently on with ‘the day job’. This time it is a major operation in the field of recovering assets acquired through crime: (from the Scottish legal site):

    Assets worth more than £2.5 million have been recovered from a man linked to an extensive VAT fraud on a global scale.

    Land, properties, bank accounts, jewellery and cash belonging to ex-boxer Ronnie Decker are among the assets being handed over to the Crown.

    The Crown’s Civil Recovery Unit (CRU) secured forfeiture of the assets in April 2016 but Decker raised a legal challenge to keep some of the items.

    The CRU has worked alongside HMRC and authorities across the globe to examine bank accounts and other assets held in multiple countries.
    Head of CRU, Denise McKay, said: “Ronnie Decker set out to line his own pockets and deny the public purse of millions of pounds through a systematic abuse of the VAT repayments system.

    “I am delighted that the case his settled and that money will finally benefit Scotland’s communities.”

    Another $£2.5M being directed towards useful projects in Scotland’s communities thanks to diligent work from the SNP Scottish Govt and the various public agencies involved. Eat your heart out Colonel Davidson.

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