300 renewable energy jobs boom for North of Scotland expected at Nigg Energy Park


(c) gegroup.com

This looks like very good news for the area around the Nigg Energy Park in the Cromarty Firth which has lost many jobs in the past. According to Energy Voice yesterday:

‘A jobs boom could see 300 jobs created at Nigg Energy Park in the Cromarty Firth if ambitious plans to diversify from the oil and gas industry to offshore renewables are given the green light. Global Energy aims to expand the oil fabrication yard to enable it to deal with massive 100-metre steel towers for windfarms.’


This looks like an extremely wise move as the demand for the more reliable, in terms of supply, offshore windfarms and tidal energy plants, grows in the wake of early successes such as the huge offshore windfarm off the Moray coast and the world’s largest tidal energy plant in the Pentland Firth. See, for more detail:

A monstrous offshore wind-farm is planned for the Moray coast, to power 750 000 homes and create 2 000 jobs. More evidence we need the Union to survive?

As world’s largest tidal energy plant in Pentland Firth generates 1GWh which is enough for 700 000 homes, will Scotland become the most energy-rich country in Europe?

This can be the beginning of much greater growth in employment in the renewables industries which I’m sure we all would welcome as an independent Scotland re-industrialises at the same time as it reduces its carbon footprint. See this for more on that potential:

Scotland’s offshore wind electricity generation capacity could be five times greater by 2030




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