3-year high for Scottish oil as it stays near $70 per barrel for third week


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According to Energy Voice on Friday, the Brent price for March sales is £69.37 after breaking through the $70 price on 12th January. See:

Scottish oil crashes through $70 per barrel figure. Time to reap this fortune and to remind BBC Scotland News?

This comes as predictions are repeated that prices will rise further as demand soars in Asia and US stockpiles fall faster than expected. See:

Second prediction that Scottish oil may rise beyond $70 per barrel to as much as $100 per barrel and that demand will grow over the next ten years.


I’m not seeing much sign of this story outside of the specialist industry outlets. Surely, the Scottish mainstream media have a duty to keep their audience up to date. It’s looking like the familiar strategy of bias by omission so its up to us on social media to keep sharing and wearing down the case against independence.

Remember it only costs $12 to $15 per barrel to raise the oil so the profit margins are now immense and ripe for taxation.


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